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About Ed-Bus.com

Ed-Bus.com aims to help communities to make a difference to their lives and futures by building skills and capacity in individuals and the voluntary groups they engage with.

Our CEO Helena Kowalska has been involved in many roles within the charity world for over 20 years and has taught in community, further and higher education since 1989. She has long experience of working in and with the public, private and voluntary sectors in England and Wales. She is also Chair of Peckham Voluntary Sector Forum and acts as consultant to various public and voluntary agencies.

Our board comprises committed and talented people with wide experiences and knowledge of the voluntary, public and private sectors. We are a Registered Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee.

Our Mission

To reduce social and economic disadvantage in Lambeth, Southwark and Westminster

Our Aims

  1. To enable individuals and community groups to gain skills and confidence to contribute to and influence local and national policy.
  2. To provide a mobile community resource and outreach support in partnership with statutory and other agencies to reduce isolation and disengagement of individuals and to support the work of groups working to improve their lives and futures.

Our Objectives

To carry out activities which help contribute to improvements in:

  1. Health of individuals and families and the health care they receive.
  2. Education of children and young people and their attainment.
  3. Safety of neighbourhoods, communities and individuals.
  4. Future prospects of children, young people and adults in the world of work.
  5. Levels of involvement of individuals and communities in local decision making.
  6. Contributions of individuals and communities in caring for developing their environment.

Our Beneficiaries

People resident in or connected to the London Boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark who are currently experiencing social or economic disadvantage and the groups that help them.

Our Governance

Our organisation is volunteer-led. The board of trustees is drawn from diverse backgrounds, age and experience. The majority of our workers are volunteers. We have been a Registered Company since 19th May 2010 (number 7258523) and a Registered Charity since 10th December 2010 (number 1139313).

Give As You Live

Tel: 07887 536 534 · Web: www.ed-bus.com · Email: info@ed-bus.com

Ed-Bus.com, 27 Wedgwood House, Lambeth Walk, London SE11 6LL

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